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Whether you are contracting with a company to deliver your letters, parcels, and packages, or to ship goods to the Caribbean you want to know who you're working with. That knowledge can give you peace of mind, and help you make an informed decision about who should get your business. with that in mind, we want to make sure you know what you are getting when you work with us.

For over 10 years we’ve built excellent customer relationships. We take our corporate responsibility seriously by engaging in ethical, honest, and sustainable business practices. Our agility, customer dedication, and common-sense solutions drive uncommon value. 

Our history began in 2007 with a single delivery truck and one employee. Through hard work, dedication and sincere commitment to providing outstanding service, the company was able to grow by securing multiple local contracts. Since those early years WHG Logistics has grown into a fully integrated logistics provider serving clients with varying logistics needs throughout the DMV.


With our team of seasoned professionals we are committed to satisfying the expectations of our customers, and we take the time to understand what those expectations are. Every client is our most important customer and their success is our success. We believe in excellence. We know that excellent performance impacts our clients in  a positive way. We are committed to performing at the highest level possible so that clients can always be confident in our expertise. That commitment to quality, speed, and accurate performance in the courier service world benefits everyone involved.


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